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5 June 1990
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Thank you for visiting my graphic journal. But before you take anything, please keep these things in mind.

Edited icons, banners or wallpaper I have made, whether it be through textures, brushes, selective coloring, whatever should be credited to illgiveyou.
I might post bases once in awhile, most of the time they're unmodified screencaps of movies or dramas. You may take these without giving credit. It will be stated in the entry whether or not they are bases.
Please, please comment me if you're taking anything I have made. Feedback motivates me!
You may hotlink if you wish, but don't rely on the link... If PhotoBucket or ImageReady craps out, it ain't my fault. B|
I don't add watermarks on my wallpapers, but if you repost them anywhere else please provide a link back to my journal.
You may make requests. Wallpaper is a little tricky though, because I prefer to use high resolution pictures.
LiveJournal icons should only be used for LiveJournal. Please don't use them on a Ragnarok Online forum or something of the like. >_>; Unless you're willing to credit me somewhere on your profile.

Thank you, unoriginal for the layout. For I am lazy. m(_ _)m

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